Status: I AM currently available for part time or full time work

contact me if you would like me to help develop your app.

What I have to Offer:

  • 10 years software engineering experience, 13 shipped products, 3 personal and 5 Enterprise iOS apps.
  • Extraordinary combination of design and development knowledge. I know my Human Interface Guidelines and accessibility standards as well as I know my Objective C and code architecture.
  • High standards for user experience and performance, with the technical skill set to meet them.
  • Ability to develop for both iOS and Android.
  • I love commenting code and documenting knowledge.
  • Passion, initiative, independence, ability to innovate.
  • Everything I make follows my No Fluff Design Method.

What I am looking for:

  • A project that is unusually meaningful with a rich user experience. Education Technology projects strongly preferred
  • Opportunity innovate and make decisions while remaining a developer
  • Opportunity to take ownership of features on both iOS and Android platforms



This iPad app is my proudest accomplishment. SylvanSync replaced paper and pencil based instruction with iPad based learning for thousands of students in hundreds of Sylvan learning centers nationwide.

As the sole iPad designer and developer, I was present for the entire application lifecycle - interviewing teachers, drafting a proof of concept, designing a web service architecture, conducting usability tests, launching, and updating.

Technical challenges solved included creating a high performance client/server architecture, developing handwriting and annotation tools, and seamlessly integrating native capabilities into HTML based lesson contents.



MapTastic is the fun and competitive way to learn US geography on your iPad. Learn US states, capitals, and cities and race against the clock to identify them all before time runs out. Then challenge your friends or the whole world to a high score to see who knows their US geography best.



ZipTunes is a music app I created for your iPhone, and serves as alternative to the iPod music player app. ZipTunes is especially good at making playlists quickly, and offers a one of a kind user interface and user experience.


Party Game Timer

This is my first commercial iPhone app. I needed a random countdown timer to replace a timer from a word game. But when I could not find such a timer on the app store, this app was born, along with a new career.


Other Highlights

I created this jigsaw puzzle game prototype from scratch within a month as a research assignment I made water splash effects and bug fixes for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on the PS3


I recently learned Android by making this sliding tiles demo to master the basics of layout, animation, and user interaction. See the full project on Github